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Maipu, It is internationally recognized for its olive growing and wine

Museo Nacional del Vinoestablishments of highest quality and most productive in the country. Maipú, offers many activities for all visitors as visit museums, visit wineries and vineyards. Maipú has a dry climate, but with a tendency to warm. There have been highs of nearly 43 ° C and lows of -10 ° C. Southwest winds predominate, West and the Zonda. Weather conditions are impeccable for a good harvest wines and olives .En terms of rainfall, 210 mm range. year. Maipu has a temperate climate with a tendency to warm arid.


Wineries from Maipu: Zuccardi , Trapiche , Carinae , El enemigo, Flichman,Domiciano,Vistandes,Lopez,Trivento,Tempus Alba,Mevi,Ruttini.


Image result for imagenes zuccardi We focused on :

*Producing the highets quality Wines

* Keeping a contant innovation capacity working in full harmony with the enviroment.

They are a family company founded in 1963 by Engineer Alberto Zuccardi. In those times, he began planting vines in Maipú (province of Mendoza), experimenting with an irrigation system of his own creation based on a method used in California.  Forty five years after the starting point of this path, there are three generations joined by a passion for wine. In September 2007, the prestigious magazine DECANTER acknowledged José Alberto and Sebastián Zuccardi as being among the five most influential personalities of Argentine Wine.


Trapiche opens the doors of its winery, a building from the beginning of the 20th century, completely restored and recycled to welcome visitors from around the world.

This winery pays hommage to the people who worked and still work for the development of the winemaking industry in Argentina.

Inspirada en el antiguo Renacimiento italiano por sus formas simétricas, su monumental fachada, su carácter estilizado y su criterio utilitario, esta construcción es uno de los más altos exponentes de su estilo en Argentina. Su trabajo en ladrillo a la vista, muestra la habilidad de los artesanos que emigraron desde el norte de Italia y se establecieron en Mendoza. Bodega modelo para la época, se destacaba por su gran capacidad de elaboración, su alta tecnología, sus revolucionarias facilidades y diseño, la calidad de la construcción y la persecución de los más altos estándares vitivinícolas.

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